Advanteck Solutions is specialized design and development solutions company. The teams here offer a range of sophisticated forms of custom automated test, control and acquisition systems for R&D, design validation and production testing.

The core strength being technical expertise the solutions are extended to address needs of sectors that depend on high-end technology solutions or services. All the deliverables are customized to match the specific requirements.

Equipped with extensive experience the engineering at Advanteck Solutions is led by engineers who are deft with analyzing needs, conceptualizing designs, building formats that are customized for specific requirements observed across various sectors. Offering end to end solutions, the Advanteck Solutions team extends services such as delivery, installation, training while maintaining continual support through all phases of the process.

Since 2009, Advanteck Solutions has established a reputation as a leading Automation Company in India. Servicing needs of sectors ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Ceramics, Manufacturing, R&D, Telecommunications, to Solar.

Our participation has enabled the engineers at Advanteck Solutions to be abreast with the latest developments. There is a linkage between technology and application, asĀ Advanteck Solutions is in position to provide these technologies and solutions through their offerings.

Key Fields:

  • Solar
  • ATE
  • Embedded
  • Automobile
  • Petrochemicals